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Summa Equity is an investment company that focuses on businesses contributing to the green transition. The assets under management amount to approximately 40 billion Norwegian kroner. We initiated our collaboration in the summer of 2022, and the first project is the new website.

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About the project

The collaboration between Summa Equity and Good Morning began in the summer of 2022. The main task was to create a new website, but as with many of our website projects, it was just as much about how they could express their brand. While they wanted to appear as a serious investment company, it was equally important to break free from a category with many black suits and lofty clichés. Therefore, conveying the playfulness that has become a cultural hallmark for Summa was absolutely essential in the design.

The result is a blend where we have illustrations at the top of the pages, while the modules below follow a tight structure. To tie this together effectively, we chose to add a variety of micro-animations to images, modules, and buttons.

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“It has been an incredibly fun process working with Good Morning to further develop the visual expression of Summa, and create our new website. The team has always been very open, listening, and receptive to our wishes and needs, while at the same time challenging and correcting us. We are very proud and satisfied with the result, and the whole process has been a really nice period, with a lot of engagement, creativity, and mutual learning.”

Hannah Jacobsen, Partner, COO & Head of IR

625 000 variations of the front page. Every new visit to the website is unique.

A clear and effective grid to communicate Summa's portfolio companies.

We started with an idea of using illustrations here and there on their website. Now it is one of Summa Equity's pillars of visual communication.

On blog articles we have added a tooltip to increase usability.