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Since 2016, we've harnessed Craft CMS's power to craft seamless, tailored web experiences. As official partner, we bring expertise to every project.

How we started with Craft CMS

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It started as an attempt to unite us around a single CMS that everyone in the agency could master well. It was meant to give us a better workflow, a better codebase, and also make it easier for us to manage operations 24/7/365.

Eight years later, we have no regrets. Craft CMS is the cornerstone of our projects, and is loved by both designers and developers at Good Morning, as well as our clients who enjoy updating and adding new content

If you are searching for a verified and official Craft CMS partner in Norway, please get in touch with us.

About Craft CMS

Craft CMS is an open source, flexible and customizable content management system renowned for its intuitive interface and powerful features. It enables users to create and manage websites with ease, offering robust tools for content creation, organization, and publication.

Over 150,000 websites globally use Craft CMS, including high-profile names such as Netflix, Ikea, Adidas, Stanford University, and TEDx.

Craft CMS offers a diverse range of features, including flexible content modeling, an intuitive user interface, robust templating, powerful asset management, an extensive plugin ecosystem, and granular user permissions.

Here are some appreciated benefits and features:

  • First and foremost, it is so easy to use. See for yourself in our demo videos.
  • Less templates, more modules. This gives you the power to craft your pages how you like
  • Create custom landing pages for marketing purposes
  • Control SEO and social media meta data
  • Define roles and permissions for editors
  • Powerful asset library. Upload one image and let the us handle the derivatives optimized for speedy loading in frontend
  • Advanced form builder. We can also connect it with your 3.part platforms like Mailchimp, Zendesk, Zapier ++
  • Legacy content vs new content handling
  • 301 redirects
  • Version log
  • Content preview
  • Headless CMS

Craft CMS offers several advantages over WordPress. Firstly, Craft provides greater flexibility and control over content structure, allowing for more tailored and complex websites.

Its intuitive interface and minimalistic design streamline the content management process, while WordPress can feel cumbersome for intricate projects.

See our Craft CMS demo videos here.

Craft's focus on security and performance also outshines WordPress, offering robust protection against vulnerabilities and delivering faster loading times.

Additionally, Craft's licensing model, which doesn't rely heavily on plugins for core functionality, reduces dependency on third-party extensions and potential security risks.

Overall, Craft CMS is a superior choice for users seeking a more customizable, secure, and efficient content management solution.

Craft CMS excels as a multi-site solution, offering centralized management for multiple websites from a single installation. Its robust architecture allows for efficient content sharing, streamlined updates, and tailored permissions across all sites, making it an ideal choice for organizations managing diverse web properties.

In Good Morning, we have several years of experience with multi-site, whether it's the same content in different languages or entirely separate websites with different content.

Craft CMS seamlessly integrates with Craft Commerce, providing a robust platform for e-commerce ventures. Craft Commerce supports various payment solutions, including popular gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and Vipps.

Migrating from WordPress or other CMS platforms to Craft CMS is entirely feasible.

Craft provides migration tools and documentation to facilitate the transition, allowing for the seamless transfer of content, media, and even site structure.

With careful planning and execution, the migration process can be smooth, enabling users to leverage Craft's advanced features and flexibility while preserving existing content.

Craft CMS emphasizes security, particularly with its inherently more secure plugins compared to WordPress. Through regular updates, rigorous testing, and proactive measures, Craft ensures websites are shielded from threats. Its robust security protocols and timely patches protect digital assets effectively.

We host our backend and CMS on Fortrabbit, with daily database backups. Our code is securely stored in Bitbucket.

We offer a maintenance agreement where we:

  • Update the CMS to ensure security and avoid technical debt.
  • Set up notifications to alert us of important events.
  • Are available every day, all year, in case the website goes down.

The price of the maintenance agreement varies due to several factors to consider.

In addition to the maintenance agreement, we also typically negotiate agreements for support and further development. This ensures resources are available so that you receive prompt assistance.

On several occasions, collaborations have commenced when the client already has a website using Craft CMS but seeks a new partner.

Sometimes it involves making minor adjustments, followed by managing maintenance and support. Other times, it entails redesigning the website and implementing it into the existing Craft CMS solution.

Feel free to reach out if you're seeking a new collaboration partner.

We've dedicated years to developing a comprehensive boilerplate for our projects. With over 100,000 lines of pre-written code, we hit the ground running when starting on a new website.

Our tech stack is defined as follows:


We typically operate with staging and production servers, allowing us to refine the website post-launch without any risks.


  • Node / Next.js / React for frontend
  • Node / PHP / Craft CMS for backend

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