We have a long history of working with startups, mid-sized companies, and publicly traded companies. Here is our current client list.

CARE Norway empowers women and girls in 12 countries, focusing on financial independence, gender equality, and rights, while providing rapid humanitarian aid and long-term poverty solutions. We started as their digital agency in 2022, inheriting their existing website, and now help out with further development and support.

DEFA is a Norwegian tech company founded in 1946, specializes in EV charging, electrical preheating, and smart solutions to enhance efficiency and sustainability. We have worked with DEFA for several years, both on app, website and digital services.

Gnist provides professional, holistic fitness and health services, focusing on customer satisfaction and individualized care. We have designed and developed their website, including webshop for membership and PT.


For Gnist, Good Morning has been the perfect collaboration partner for designing and developing our new website. The collaboration has been seamless, and the result is a more informative and user-friendly page. Additionally, we think the design is modern, fresh, and inviting. The website is built with Craft CMS, and we are very satisfied with that. Craft is intuitive, flexible, and makes it easy for us to create and manage content.

Siw Børli, Managing Director

Heim is a cozy Norwegian gastropub, offers a home-like experience with a wide range of beers and rustic dishes, striving to set new standards in chain restaurant operations in Norway. We created the website a few years ago and regularly assist them with updates and support.


Good Morning has been responsible for developing new websites for Heim. Our wish was to prioritize user-friendliness, speed, the latest technology, and relevant information for customers. Both we and our guests are very pleased with the result.

Carl-Martin Rønningen, Marketing Director

Established in 1978, Landsforeningen Ungdom og Fritid champions youth empowerment in Norway through community clubs and houses, focusing on inclusive, positive development and leisure activities. We have assisted the client in creating their new digital platform, which collects and displays activities for youth.

LNU, an umbrella organization for 102 Norwegian child and youth organizations, advocates for youth interests, provides competence development, and manages support schemes to foster youth involvement and development. We have created the platforms Trygg and Bærekraft for LNU, focusing on youth safety and sustainability.


We are incredibly happy with the great result we have achieved together with Good Morning to create a digital guide to help all children and youth in volunteering!

Cecilie Prebensen, Project owner

Nortek designs, develops and produces acoustic underwater sensors that are used to measure motion in our marine environment. We took over their old websites, restructured them, redesigned them, and implemented them in the existing CMS. You can visit their new website at nortekgroup.com.


Since partnering with Good Morning as our digital agency in 2022, we've experienced a remarkable journey in transforming our online presence. Their team has skillfully handled a range of projects, including the enhancement of UX, creative redesign, and comprehensive redevelopment of our website. Our ongoing collaboration with Good Morning continues to excite us and we eagerly anticipate exploring new heights of our brand's digital potential.

Enrika Ramonaite, Marketing Manager

Nordvik is Norway's fastest-growing real estate agency chain and currently has 35 brokerage offices with a total of around 375 employees. In addition, Nordvik has its own settlement office, accounting office, and franchisor company.

We have been working closely with Nordvik since 2018 and have, among other things, created visual identity, website, Vitec Megler integration, app, intranet, and advertising packages.

The leading rail infrastructure company in the Nordics. NRC Group engineers and builds sustainable transport solutions, and provides in-house competence and expertise for complex projects within rail, light rail and civil engineering. We created a new website in four languages and are now working on further development and support.


We got exactly what we wanted with Good Morning, a site that could tell all the good stories in an inspiring way, and not least a site that stood out more. The collaboration went excellently throughout the entire period.

Lene Engebretsen, kommunikasjonsdirektør i NRC Group ASA

NRC Kept, a subsidiary of NRC Group, offers eco-friendly demolition, recycling, and prep for new construction projects. As an extension of the new website for NRC Group, we also created a version for NRC Kept.

The Fire and Rescue Service aims to make Oslo the safest city in the country from fire. For them, we created Branntips, a national website where you can report fire safety concerns to the local fire department.


Our goal is that over time the website will establish itself as the main channel for concern reports to all fire departments in Norway.

Lise Juhl Aalberg, Project owner

For the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Heritage Management Office in the City of Oslo, we have created Oppdag Kvadraturen. A digital platform where you can learn about the district once called Christiania, which is currently the oldest area of Oslo’s city center. The website was designed and developed in 2019, and we keep adding new features to improve the user experience.


Good Morning is very skilled and professional, and delivers on time. We are very satisfied with the result and look forward to continued cooperation with Good Morning.

Elisabeth Magnus, Project owner

Skift is a business-led climate initiative to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. We have collaborated with Skift for several years, creating their main website and a dozen of microsites.

Summa Equity is an investment company that focuses on businesses contributing to the green transition. The managed capital is approximately 40 billion Norwegian kroner. For Summa Equity, we have designed and developed their website and annual reports. We also work closely with Summa on design tasks and other digital projects.


It has been an incredibly fun process working with Good Morning to further develop the visual expression of Summa and create our new website. The GM team has always been very open, listening, and receptive to our wishes and needs, but at the same time challenged and corrected us. We are very proud and satisfied with the result, and the whole process has been a really nice period, with a lot of engagement, creativity, and mutual learning.

Hannah Jacobsen, Partner, COO & Head of IR

UNICEF is the world's largest children's aid organization, working for children's rights and future, tackling climate, social, and environmental challenges. We designed and developed Arvetesten, a digital service where you can enter your personal information and then get an overview of the distribution of your inheritance.

Founded in 2019, Utility Cloud is revolutionizing the energy industry with digital solutions for efficiency and a sustainable future, managing 20% of Norway's energy data​​. We have helped Utility Cloud with a new visual identity and a new website.


We chose Good Morning based on several good reference projects. We are very satisfied with the final result, and the follow-up along the way has been excellent. It has been a fantastic team to collaborate with!

Torbjørn Hompland, Managing Director


Utviklingsfondet is a Norwegian aid organization working with climate adaptation and sustainable development in 6 countries across 3 continents We have collaborated with the client for several years, developing both a fundraising concept and a new website.


Many thanks to Good Morning who are behind our new website and new profile! The Development Fund has finally received the visual identity and digital rig that an organization which has worked with climate adaptation and poverty reduction for over 40 years deserves!

Ann Askim, Director of markering & communication

Vitec Megler is a market-leading provider of software for the real estate brokerage industry. They are part of Vitec Software Group, listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange. We became well acquainted with Vitec through the work we did for Nordvik, and ended up creating a new website, illustrations, and an animation film for Vitec Megler.

Vertikal Helse is a medical competence company. Their vision is to contribute to a better health-focused Norway by making medical expertise accessible to all, and getting you back to what you love most, faster. We created a new website for Vertikal Helse before they were acquired by IF Insurance. Today, we are working on support and further development.

Zaptec, a pioneer in advanced EV charging listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, offers innovative, efficient chargers from Norway to the world. We have enhanced their digital experience through a new website that balances product focus and brand identity.


"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for creating an amazing site for. We’re so pleased with it and it looks fantastic! I can’t express enough how much I appreciate all the hard work, quick responses, and effort put into the project. I’m looking forward to what’s in store for the future."

Rebecca Fry, Web Manager at Zaptec