Oppdag Kvadraturen - Oslo's own little renaissance town

We have designed and developed the multisite "Oppdag Kvadraturen". Here, the audience gets to know the urban area that was once called Christiania and now constitutes the oldest part of downtown Oslo.

Public sector
Oslo kommune Kulturetaten, 2021 Visit site

About the project

On the website you'll find exciting stories about the development of Kvadraturen, its streets, buildings, and the people who have used them. The website is specially designed for mobile devices so that you can explore Kvadraturen while wandering the city's streets.

The goal of website is to ensure that more Oslo residents and visitors can access information about Oslo's history in a simple, understandable and interesting way, while also creating enjoyable experiences for the public and contributing to an increase in city life in Kvadraturen.

We have contributed with UX, design, illustration, and development, using Craft CMS as the platform.

Click here to visit oppdagkvadraturen.no.

Good Morning is highly skilled and professional, delivering on time as agreed. We are very satisfied with the result and look forward to continued collaboration with Good Morning.

Elisabeth Magnus, Spesialkonsulent Kulturetaten