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In the winter of 2024, we launched the new website for Zaptec. The result is a multilingual site that balances product focus and brand identity across Europe.

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ZaptecAbout the project

Zaptec, a pioneer in advanced EV charging listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, wanted to enhance their digital experience and was in need of a new website that communicates both B2B and B2C user needs. The results is a website that covers everything from an interactive charger guide, becoming a official partner, to exploring their products in 3D.

We have contributed with UX, design and development. The website is built on Craft CMS.


"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for creating an amazing site for. We’re so pleased with it and it looks fantastic! I can’t express enough how much I appreciate all the hard work, quick responses, and effort put into the project. I’m looking forward to what’s in store for the future."

Rebecca Fry, Web Manager at Zaptec



Entries in Craft CMS

Minimalism and Scandinavian design has been words that paved the way for the direction of design.

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With interactive 3D models we give customers the possibility to discover Zaptec's products through different colors and angles.

A good structure, a well thought out layout, clear communication along with web animations and focus on details speaks of a company that cares about quality.

It was important to balance branding and product focus while ensuring ease of scanning and navigating. Our solution is a dynamic website experience with engaging animations and design elements, guiding users through the brand and product story.

It should be easy to get a Zaptec charger so we implemented an interactive guide for users to find a charger suited for their needs and locate where they can purchase it.

To generate leads we have implemented a solution that allows web editors add a form wherever they want, in any language, and hook it up to either email, Mailchimp, Zapier or other 3.part services.

Instead of having a simple text and link to the history page, we created an immersive gallery that triggers the curiosity to explore the history of Zaptec. Scroll down on this page for example.

Zaptec's story goes back to 2009. To show the company history we have designed an engaging timeline that highlights the most important years and milestones for the company.

Check out our YouTube episode where we discuss our thought process and how we built the Zaptec website.

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