Skift - Brings together climate-ambitious companies in Norway

Shift is a climate initiative for top executives in Norway's most climate-ambitious companies. We have created a new website to effectively convey their message.

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SkiftAbout the project

For several years, Skift had a website in WordPress and sought help with a new design and better structure. The solution was a multilingual website in Craft CMS. In addition to UX, design, and development, we migrated the content from the old website.

Skift also has a range of engagement platforms where companies can take an active stance in supporting the cause. An example of this is the Guide against Greenwashing. All these platforms were also migrated to Craft CMS, allowing Skift to consolidate all its digital platforms into one CMS.


Pages designed and added to CMS


External platforms integrated to the site

The customer can define the menu and sub-items through the CMS. The homepage is constructed with modules that can easily be reused elsewhere on the website.

The hero section, the first thing you see on a page, supports multiple layouts, including options with images, video, or text only. To optimize loading times and avoid SEO penalties from Google, videos are streamed via Vimeo.

We have also assisted in updating the video content on the website. Here, we combined existing customer videos with supplementary footage from Getty.

On category pages, designed to guide users forward, we keep the design simple. We avoid unnecessary information to prevent distractions, focusing instead on helping users make decisions and proceed. Less is more.

We helped the client find images that suit their brand. With many years of experience working with image banks like Getty, Unsplash, and others, we quickly identify a style that fits well.

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