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New and vibrant website for NRC Group ASA, one of the leading infrastructure companies in the Nordics.

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NRC GroupAbout the project

NRC Group, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, has a wide range of information to communicate. This includes their services and how they work with sustainability. Therefore, effective storytelling has been essential in the design and development of their website.

The website is built on Craft CMS and available in English, Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish.


We got exactly what we wanted with Good Morning, a site that could tell all the good stories in an inspiring way, and not least a site that stood out more. The collaboration was excellent throughout the entire project.

Lene Engebretsen, kommunikasjonsdirektør i NRC Group ASA

Storytelling and inspiration have been key elements at every stage of creating the new websites for the publicly traded company, NRC Group.

As always when we develope websites, we use Craft CMS. It is flexible, fast, and robust. Moreover, it's a platform that we have found our clients also find easy to use when they take over. If you're curious about Craft, we explain more here.

Hero section for the front page that shows the world of NRC Group.

To maintain the already existing visual identity and brand recognition throughout the website we have used the shape and angles of the logotype in graphic elements and modules in the design.

The customer can choose from several top sections for a page. They can also decide whether the image or video should be displayed in its entirety or through a mask, as shown in the image above.

Here is another view of the same top section, this time with a white background. Everything is easily managed via the CMS.

Side-by-side modules with text on one side and an image on the other are common on websites. To create a more exciting layout, we have added support for an additional image, which creates a parallax effect when scrolling.

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