Heim - A gastropub that feels like home

We have created a website for Heim, a gastro pub with six locations, where we aim to capture the right atmosphere in the design. It should be tasteful but also edgier than most restaurants.

Heim, 2021 Visit site

About the project

Even with a challenging design, it has been important for us to create a website that is easy to understand and navigate. We use cookies to save the restaurant the user visits, so this is preselected on subpages such as the menu and take-away. This is done with the understanding that most people find it tiresome to have to choose a location multiple times when they are only interested in information from one of the locations.

Another crucial aspect of the website is that it loads quickly. This is because Google rewards fast websites, and for Heim, being highly visible on Google is very important.

The website is built on Craft CMS.

Click here to visit heim.no.

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