Fygi - A scan and pay shopping solution

Fygi is a cutting-edge scan and pay solution company. We have helped out with strategy, visual identity and a new website that puts them on the map as a company that revolutionizes the shopping experience.


About the project

If you haven't already, soon you will pick up your phone, scan a QR code at the entrance of a store, and then use your phone to check the price and other information about the product – and to make the payment. No checkout queues, no shared keyboards. Just your own mobile phone.

One provider of this technology is Fygi, using its website to communicate with decision-makers in the retail industry on an international scale. We have contributed with the "full package". Everything from strategy to a new visual identity, UI and UX, to text and development.

Anyone with experience in the B2B sphere knows that you have to nail the first impression if busy decision-makers are to bother listening to what you have to say. Therefore, the website must, within a few scrolls, provide a clear impression of what, why, and who.

We have crafted a symbol that appears as a symbiosis between a QR code and a barcode, subtly indicating Fygi's field of activity.

Based on an initial strategy process and in close collaboration with the client, we have also created a content structure and copy for all pages. The goal has been to explain the product in an easy way and sell it to the target audience – decision-makers in the retail sector from an international perspective.

The name Fygi is inspired by the concept of "fygitality", which is an expression for when the physical and digital realms merge. This served as a starting point when creating the new visual identity.

A colour palette that evokes the feeling of trust, technology and friendliness.

Gilroy is a modern sans serif with a geometric touch that works perfect for web, signage and corporate as well as for editorial design.

App icon for Fygi.

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