Zaptec - Website Of The Day from CSS Design Awards

Eirik Fjellaksel



We are honored to have won Website Of The Day and be recognized by CSS Design Awards and digital creatives worldwide for our project with Zaptec.

WOTD from CSS Design Awards

It's not so easy to win Site of the Day these days. Especially when you're creating the more traditional type of brand websites and need to keep in mind that it should be a long-term solution that works on all devices, loads quickly, maintains SEO, and so on. Because let's be honest, most sites that win these awards are experiments, sub-brands, campaigns, or stand-alones.

So winning this award for Zaptec is extra fun and gives us even more motivation to push the boundaries on the web.

What's the recipe?

If there was a simple recipe, it would just be copy-paste, but it's not that easy. Below are some thoughts we've had.

It starts with the client

The client must want something WOW, not just a standard website, and they must be willing to work on the content to make it flow well on the site (it's often a collaboration between us and the client regarding the content).

The process

  • Understanding the task and objectives
  • Sitemap
  • Low-fi wireframes with simple content mapping
  • Design and content hand in hand
  • Development
  • Implementation in CMS, where we also adjust both design and content


A website needs good-looking images and videos. For Zaptec, we also got help from Morgenstern to create the top video and adjust and export 3D files of the products.

Pushing the boundaries

Everyone on the team must want this. Winning an award isn't something you achieve just between nine and four.

Thanks to the great people at Zaptec and Morgenstern Advertising Agency.

See our case study for Zaptec here.