UtilityCloud - New competitiveness for Nordic energy companies

UtilityCloud is an up and coming company with extensive experience in the energy industry. We have been fortunate to collaborate with them in their development of a new website.

UtilityCloud, 2022 Visit site

Project breakdown

With the visual identity, we have aimed to demonstrate that UtilityCloud is a flexible and efficient platform, with strength in integrating various systems. We convey this through a dynamic and powerful symbol that very simply illustrates the merging of different systems within the energy market. This is complemented by a clean and comprehensible design and a modern color palette that conveys their seriousness and credibility.

Flexibility, dynamism, and contemporariness have been the key elements consistently present in both the identity and the design of the website. The goal has been to convey that UtilityCloud is the next-generation CIS (Customer Information System) platform, bringing new competitiveness to Nordic energy companies.

It has been an incredibly exciting and educational process, where the interplay between design and technology has contributed to creating excellent solutions.

The website is a multisite, in four languages and is built on Craft CMS.

Click here to visit utilitycloud.no.

Icons used on the website that illustrates the merging of different systems within the energy market.

“We chose Good Morning Naug based on several good reference projects. We are very pleased with the final result, and the follow-up along the way has been excellent. It has been a fantastic team to collaborate with!”

Torbjørn Hompland, CEO

A simple and clean user interface to efficiently communicate why UtilityCloud is a flexible and efficient platform.