VI-appen - Improve your relationship

An app designed to improve the relationship between you and your partner.


About the app

Throughout an entire year, you and your partner will go through several modules together, answering questions about your relationship. Additionally, you will receive tips and advice from Frode Thuen and Catrin Sagen along the way.

Download the app here.

See case video above.

An important goal of this app is to improve communication about relationships. Therefore, the app is designed in a way that requires partners to be together to 'unlock' each other's responses. This is done by bringing the mobile phones close to each other, screen to screen, to share a nice little hug.

The VI app has been developed in collaboration with psychologists Frode Thuen and Catrin Sagen. They have compiled a series of smart tips and advice specifically tailored to the themes and levels in the couple conversations. The further you progress in the relationship course, the more relationship advice you will have access to.