Unicef - Arvetesten

On this digital service, you will receive answers about who inherits from you, how much the law dictates you must give to each, and the extent to which you can leave freely.

UNICEF Norway, 2018

About the project

9 out of 10 people do not write a will. In that case, the inheritance law will determine how your assets are distributed. But what if you want to give something to someone other than your children? What if you wish for someone to receive a bit more? Or if you do not have children? Many also want to give a gift to a cause dear to their hearts through their will.

Case video of the project and website.

The UX is always crucial, but particularly in this case where the user goal is to take a test. By creating an intuitive user interface together with illustrations and animations we create an engaging and easy user experience.

A colours palette in a blue monochrome palette together with custom illustrations invites to a engaging user experience that feels light and easy to use.