Switchr - Greentech investment startup

Switchr makes it easy for everyone to invest in solar energy. We have assisted them along the way with visual identity and digital design.

Digital design
Visual identity

SwitchrAbout the project

Switchr wanted to make sustainable investments more accessible. They promised good returns and more solar energy. The collaboration started with a new visual identity, followed by UX and UI for their website and platform. Finally, we helped them develop visual guidelines for social media. The website is available, and developed in-house by the client.

We are very happy with the collaboration with Good Morning. As a start-up with broad upgrading needs, Good Morning has engaged and delivered a foundation we can grow in going forward. A very skilled team of responsive employees who have creatively solved tasks and put in extra effort when we needed it.

Morgan Eriksson, CMO

Typography and graphic elements together with an interactive scroll experience have been the focus to create en engaging user experience. Visitors can also see the emissions generated per visit in the CO2 calculator.

UX and UI of their investment platform that lets you invest in solar panel and renewable energy.

The target audience uses mobile devices frequently, so we have ensured that interactive charts and bars display well on small screens.

The logo is geometric, with a combination of rounded corners and sharp edges, giving it a sense of technology and credibility.

For social media, we created a visual style and templates to enhance digital storytelling. All the images are natural and intended to evoke an uplifting feeling. The illustrations are designed to reinforce the message by demonstrating a continuous flow of energy.

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