HurryUp - Compete in running, cycling and Nordic skiing

The first sport tech platform where you can compete in multiple segments, across multiple sports.

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HurryUpAbout the project

Usually we build digital products for clients, but HurryUp is different. It is an internal project together with our developer Marius, and his brother Kristoffer.

As eager users of Strava, we missed the possibility to see a leaderboard based on multiple segments, rather than just who is fastest on a single segment.

Now we have launched HurryUp. Connect your sport device and compete in private or public challenges and climb the leaderboard.

We are responsible for the concept, visual identity, UX, UI, and development.

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Cycling, running and Nordic skiing


Garmin, Wahoo, Polar and Suunto


From idea to launched product

You can create or join public challenges. One challenge consists of multiple segments, in either cycling, running or Nordic skiing. Score points on each segment and climb the overall leaderboard.

Browse public challenges by filtrering on sport and country. You can also have them sorted so you find the one closest to you. We have just launched, but hopefully this page will have hundreds, or even thousands of challenges in the future.

Even though public challenges are an important feature in HurryUp, we believe that private challenges can be equally fun. It is among friends, and will spark up good banter in your already established group chat when you overtake the podium.

Connect to Garmin or another supported device to have all your activities automatically uploaded to HurryUp. When creating a new segment, you can either use an existing activity, or upload a .FIT file from Strava.

You are number 1. Perhaps the best email ever?
Notification through email is an important feature in HurryUp. We have created a system that triggers appropriate emails based on your behavior and performance.

The logo resembles the appearance of the flag one would wave when a contestant crosses the finish line in a competition. This signals competition and gives the urge to challenge.

Communication is key. By using Neue Haas Grotesk we get a typography that signals professionalism and trustworthiness. But also a typography that is timeless and reliable on digital screens.

The use of brighter colours mixed with a gray palette adds a sporty and active vibe to the visual language that works just as well in the user interface of the product as on social media assets.

We have done everything from scratch. Concept, brand identity, UX, UI and development. Now the application is launched and the journey continue with ads, social media and promotion.

Would you like to know more about HurryUp, or do you need help developing your own idea?

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