Nortek Group - Oceanography and Subsea Navigation solutions

Nortek Group designs, develops and produces acoustic underwater sensors that are used to measure motion in our marine environment. We have collaborated with them and created a new website with improved user experience and updated visual design.

Ocean Science
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Project breakdown

The scope of the project:

  • Take over management of old website and transfer it to a updated tech-stack
  • Improve the overall user experience of the website
  • Improve buyer's journey and usability of e-commerce
  • Adding a flexible user flow for event registration
  • Update the visual design

During this project we have work in very close collaboration with Nortek, ensuring we meet both user needs and business objectives. This has been done through both in person meetings but also though virtual workshops.

To get as many different perspectives as possible we have made sure to have meetings and talk with people from different positions. We have also worked closely together with their marketing department to identify user pain points and needs.

  • Website build in Craft CMS
  • Multi-site supporting 5 languages
  • A set of flexible modules to tackle a wide range of needs
  • E-commerce store integrated through Craft Commerce
  • Payment integrated through Stripe
  • Quotes generated through a custom coded solution
  • Event registration for single day, multi-days and/or mixed day(s) and specific sessions slots
  • A set of animated Lottie files
  • Updated visual design based on brand colors and expression

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Languages and customizable sites

Event registration flows


Pages designed and added to CMS

E-commerce system integrated

Since partnering with Good Morning as our digital agency in 2022, we've experienced a remarkable journey in transforming our online presence. Their team has skillfully handled a range of projects, including the enhancement of UX, creative redesign, and comprehensive redevelopment of our website. Our ongoing collaboration with Good Morning continues to excite us and we eagerly anticipate exploring new heights of our brand's digital potential.

Enrika Ramonaite, Marketing Manager

Integrated e-commerce through Craft Commerce with Stripe payment. Depending on user location users can by products or generate a quote.

Ability to pin products to images on blog articles. This way users get easy access to products used in a specific field study they are interested in.

To increase usability and to make it easier to consume content, users can listen to the article. The audio is translated and generated by the help of AI.

Making content user friendly and easy to scan is crucial when providing long-form content. By having a sticky table of contents we provide easy navigation in the article for users.