Skift - Brings together climate-ambitious companies in Norway

Skift is a business-driven climate initiative that gathers and engages top executives from the most climate ambitious companies in Norway. We have helped them in creating a new website with the goal to convey their message more efficiently.

Business services

Project breakdown

The scope of the project:

  • Transfer old site to new tech-stack and latest Craft CMS
  • Integrate external platforms to the new CMS and website
  • To convey the work Skift Norway does and which members and partners they have
  • Restructure navigation and increase overall user experience
  • Update the visual design based on existing visual identity

Since Skift is a business-driven climate initiative that gathers top executives from companies in Norway our main focus has been to convey the work Skift Norge does. By carefully planning a new structure of navigation and grouping pages together we have made it easy for users to access their four focus areas: The big climate shift, business networks, projects and climate report. In this project we have worked closely with the marketing team from Skift Norge to ensure we meet both user- and business needs.

Skift Norge serves as a extensive network connecting various companies and sectors. Its significance in projects related to 'The Big Climate Shift' and 'Business Networks' cannot be overstated. We have focused on enhancing the usability and comprehension of Skift Norge's initiatives, clarifying their impact, and providing clarity on the participating organizations and their dedicated employees.

The solution is a website with a contemporary design that both makes it more enjoyable to click around and discover but also focus on conveying the most important, both from a business and user perspective. We have built the website in Craft CMS, with a set of flexible modules to cover all needs, and we have integrated their external platforms to being accessible from one single CMS and having the same visual expression. This makes the user journey between the different platforms more coherent and improves not only the user experience but also the brand experience.

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Pages designed and added to CMS


External platforms integrated to the site