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Digital strategies for ambitious companies who wants to grow

FrameworkDigital strategy

To achieve maximum impact, we must consider the whole picture, where all digital platforms complement each other. The website often serves as the cornerstone and forms the foundation for communication across platforms. Therefore, we have developed a framework for a digital strategy, for ambitious clients who aim to succeed on digital.

Digital strategy

Key points


To better understand your products and services, we need to learn about them in detail. We need to know your unique selling points (USPs), target audiences, and objectives. Additionally, we need access to the analytics tools you are currently using.

Digital customer journey

We see the website as the cornerstone of an effective digital ecosystem, so that is where we will start. How will we generate traffic? What data and traces do users leave on the website, and how can we later show them content they haven’t already consumed? Here, we develop the overall digital customer journey.

Data collection

What data is essential to collect, and how can we do this in compliance with GDPR? Where should this data be stored, and how can it be used to increase conversion rates and loyalty among your target audience and customers?


We need a structured content plan. Who will produce what, and how often? Who will publish, and which tools will we use? What topics should we focus on, and where should the content be distributed? These are important questions we need to address.


Which channels should you prioritize, and how should you present yourselves on them? Can we produce videos and then create “micro content” to generate even more content? What is required to be active on Twitter and Instagram, and what are the benefits? How should we engage the target audience on LinkedIn? These are some of the topics we explore in this phase.

Digital Advertising

Most businesses need to advertise on digital platforms. We look into how you can leverage LinkedIn, Meta, and Google to reach your target audience with the right message at the lowest possible cost.

Creative concepts

How can you stand out from the crowd? We have many years of experience in developing engaging campaigns and landing pages that resonate with your target audience.

Do you need a digital strategy but don’t know where to start?

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