We help you increase relevant traffic and ranking with search engine optimization

SEOWhy is it important?

There are many advantages to investing in good visibility on Google and other search engines.

The obvious benefit is that it generates more visits to your website, and you don't have to pay to drive that traffic.

The quality of visitors coming from a Google search is also better compared to, for example, an ad. They have actively searched for something you offer or can answer, and data shows that this traffic stays longer on the website, visits more pages, and generally learns more about you as a brand.

Our process

Search engine optimization

1. Brief

It starts with a meeting and dialogue where we get to know each other better and come up with words and phrases that are important to rank for.

2. SEO audit

We use a variety of tools to analyze your keywords and website. We look at keywords, volume, competitors, difficulty, as well as relevant words and phrases that fit your company.

3. We present our research

We deliver a conclusion on what we find in phase 2. Here we present improvements for technical SEO, architecture, keywords, content, and which inbound links would be valuable for you.

4. Implementation

Once we agree on what should be prioritized, we assist with implementation on the website. Sometimes we handle everything from A to Z, and other times the client handles the content work themselves, with us guiding them through the process.

5. Report, tracking and optimization

Every month, you will receive a report from us showing status and progress. We also include an action plan for adjustments and improvements for the next month.

AI search enginesSearch is changing

Search as we know it is also changing. Several search engines, such as Perplexity, and soon Google AI Overview, deliver AI-generated answers based on the most relevant websites.

This creates a reinforcing effect where those who excel at SEO get more traffic, and others receive less traffic than before.

Becoming more visible in search is a long-term strategy. It may seem costly to get started, but it is a long-term marketing effort that will benefit you for many years to come.

Do you want to rank higher on Google and other search engines?

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