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Visual identities and design for digital experiences

Digital designA good craftsmanship

We know that first impressions matter, which is why we focus on creating designs that not only work but also create experiences and communicate your brand. We believe the power lies in understanding design, technology, and business. Simply put, it’s all about good craftsmanship.


Founded in 2009


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What we do

Digital experiences

UX/UI design

It should be simple and intuitive without compromising aesthetics. We have been creating customized digital products since 2009.

Visual identities

A good visual identity is heard, seen, and felt. It requires creativity and craftsmanship, and is something that needs to feel like you.

Design systems

A design system is about consolidating your visual guidelines into one system, in one place, so you can easily create consistent visual communication.

Digital design

Looks matters. Your brand must be experienced consistently across all your digital platforms, creating a visually coherent customer experience.

Motion design/animation

We work with both traditional 2D animation and web animation such as GSAP, WebGL, and interactive 3D.

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Marcus Strömberg

Senior UX/UI Designer & Partner